Sheryl Rae

As a child, I got upset when I saw kids my age mistreating those with mental or physical disabilities. I would deliberately befriend the ill-treated ones because I felt everyone deserves to be treated with kindness.

Now, I am part of a great team of nonjudgmental people who have a passion for helping those who experience physical or mental challenges. I do my best to advocate for the needs of our clients in whatever way possible. I enjoy being a voice or smile (or shoulder, if needed) to bring peace, comfort, and even a bit of laughter to those who need it.

Outside of work, I serve in various capacities in my Spiritual Community, do graphic art, and spend time with my children and grandchildren. I enjoy writing, playing, and singing music, and crocheting. As time permits, I am working on non-fiction books for publication. I like to walk in the bosque or the foothills and can easily be enticed into a movie.

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