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Have you been notified that your SSDI claim has been denied? Would you like to speak with a knowledgeable legal professional about the next steps to take to get the benefits you deserve?

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If you answered “yes” to the any of the above questions and live in the Las Cruces area of New Mexico, then consider partnering with us and putting your case into the skilled hands of the SSDI attorneys at Michael Armstrong Law. The Social Security Disability lawyers on our team serving Las Cruces have successfully represented over 7,500 SSDI claimants and are available to provide experienced guidance at every stage of the SSDI appeal process.

Michael Armstrong Law is an established New Mexico law firm that is exclusively devoted to representing SSDI and SSI claimants. If you need representation for your Social Security Disability case we should partner together to ensure you have the best representation in New Mexico. We can evaluate your initial claim and denial, develop a strategy for moving forward, and gather additional evidence that better documents the exact nature of your injury or illness. Presenting a more robust set of materials for your hearing and case is critical for receiving a favorable outcome.

The SSDI Appeal Process Explained: A Complex Maze Made Easier With Social Security Disability Representation

Every SSDI attorney at our firm serving Las Cruces, NM, is a compassionate and confident legal advocate who knows what it takes to handle even the most complex SSDI appeals effectively. We do not shy away from ligating in court — we want the judges to hear your story and your need for assistance. Let us help you appeal a denied SSDI application and fight for the benefits you need to keep yourself and your family .

The following is a brief look at the various stages of the SSDI appeal process:


A reconsideration is a complete review of your initial denial by a second examiner. The examiner will look at all the documentation originally submitted plus any new medical evidence or materials that we provide for your case.

Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Hearing

Should your claim be denied a second time, you are allowed to request a hearing in front of an administrative law judge (ALJ). One of the SSDI attorneys at our firm serving Las Cruces can represent you at, and help you prepare for, this hearing.

Appeals Council

An unfavorable ALJ ruling can be submitted to the Social Security Appeals Council for review. Generally speaking, the Appeals Council can either (1) decline to review your case, (2) order a second ALJ hearing, or (3) grant you the SSDI benefits you seek.

Federal Court

The SSDI lawyers at Michael Armstrong Law can, if necessary, appeal your SSDI case all the way to Federal Court. Pursuing a formal civil action of this nature is a very complex and time-consuming process that should not be undertaken without the representation of a qualified SSDI attorney.

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A denied SSDI claim isn’t necessarily the end of the road. Click below to schedule a consultation with one of the helpful SSDI attorneys on our team. And remember: there is no fee unless and until we win your case! We can help you once your initial application has been filed and you have received your denial.

Michael Armstrong Law proudly serves Las Cruces and many additional communities in New Mexico.

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