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Anyone living in the Paradise Hills area of New Mexico who is having trouble qualifying for either Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits can confidently turn to local law firm Michael Armstrong Law for help. Since 1985, our firm has successfully represented thousands of SSI and SSDI claimants with a wide range of physical and mental impairments. The lawyers on our team are exclusively devoted to helping clients navigate the SSI and SSDI appeal process and are well-known across New Mexico for being compassionate legal advocates who work tirelessly to help each client get the benefits they deserve. Female Attorney Holding Folder Wearing Collared Shirt

Receiving notice that your initial SSI or SSDI claim for benefits has been denied shouldn’t be cause for worry. With help from an SSI/SSDI lawyer from Michael Armstrong Law, you’ll be able to challenge that denial using additional evidence that we’ll help you obtain, such as treatment provider letters, third-party statements, and further medical evaluations.

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Successfully appealing a denial of a Supplemental Security Income or Social Security Disability Insurance claim can potentially require taking the following steps:


Reconsideration is an entirely new review of a denied SSI/SSDI claim that is undertaken by a different examiner.


If a claim for SSI/SSDI benefits is denied a second time at consideration, a claimant can request an administrative hearing. The SSI and SSDI lawyers at our firm serving Paradise Hills, NM, are highly skilled at preparing clients for providing effective hearing testimony.

Appeals Council

An unfavorable ruling or decision made at the administrative hearing stage can be appealed to the Appeals Council.

Federal Court Review

If necessary, the lawyers at Michael Armstrong Law are able to appeal a denied SSI/SSDI claim in federal court. These are civil suits in federal court that are heard by a United States District Court Judge.

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The best way to pursue either SSI or SSDI benefits after being denied is to put your case into the hands of a skilled SSI/SSDI attorney at Michael Armstrong Law. We proudly serve Paradise Hill, New Mexico, and many other communities throughout the state.

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