Michelle’s Experience with Michael Armstrong Law

My name is Michelle and I had the unfortunate pleasure of becoming chronically and permanently sick when I was in my late 40s. When I finally accepted that I could no longer work for a living, I had to find a good disability lawyer.

Not a hard thing right? They’re all over the TV. Wrong! I had consultations with some really questionable social security disability lawyers. I even had one lawyer tell me that because I was only 48 that I should wait two years, until I turn 50, and then call him back!! Autoimmune diseases don’t care how old you are. I was starting to really get discouraged. Then I found Armstrong law office.

Laura Johnson, a very compassionate and educated lawyer, became my SSD lawyer. She honestly cared about me and my situation. Because of coronavirus we had to do most of our interactions over the
computer and phone. But even then, I felt like she was always there when I needed her and was legitimately on my side.

It took 2 years and through those years Laura gathered so much information and so many records and proof for my case that there was no doubt that I was qualified to receive benefits. Even through a mischaracterization from one unscrupulous doctor she proved my case.

Laura never made me feel like a number, she always showed me the utmost respect and she was there for me through the whole experience. Even the people in the office which I dealt with were very very pleasant. If I was not comfortable with something Laura wanted to do with my case, she changed it for me no questions.

I am now able to move forward in my life and I owe it all to Laura Johnson and Armstrong law office. I would highly recommend any of their lawyers to anyone.

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