How Do I Qualify For SSDI?

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The SSDI attorneys at Michael Armstrong Law in New Mexico, frequently get asked this question. It is important to understand that qualifying for SSDI is a lot more difficult than it is to qualify for SSI. This is primarily because SSDI is only available to individuals who have paid taxes into the Social Security system. SSI, on the other hand, is an income-based welfare program that has no such requirement. SSDI and SSI are often spoken of interchangeably, but are two entirely separate programs. The following article will help demonstrate qualifications for SSDI in New Mexico.

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So, how do you qualify for SSDI? Our SSDI attorneys in New Mexico will be happy to explain more but, in general, you will be required to demonstrate the following:

SSDI Qualifications List:

• You must not be able to work because of your medical conditions; and
• Your medical conditions have lasted or will last at least 12 months, or your conditions will result in loss of life.
• You have worked consistently for the last 15 years and paid into Social Security while you were working.
• If you are receiving disability through personal disability insurance, previous employer, the Veteran’s Administrations (VA), or another source, this does not automatically make you qualified for SSDI as Social Security disability laws are not the same as other disability programs.
• You must be in consistent and ongoing medical treatment for your disabling conditions. Seeing your primary care physician once or twice a year is not enough to qualify for SSDI.
• You do not abuse alcohol, prescription medication, or illegal/illicit drugs, as this may be part of your medical records which will be reviewed by medical experts at the Social Security Administration.
• If you have a current, or past history of alcohol or drug addiction, participate in treatment with a substance abuse professional.

Work Credits

Determining your qualifications for SSDI in New Mexico first hinges on whether you have acquired enough so-called “work credits.” You earn these when you make money and pay Social Security taxes, with a maximum of four work credits allowed per year. The minimum number of work credits required for SSDI benefit eligibility will depend on your age, earnings history, and other factors.

Impairment Level

The second requirement for SSDI benefits is that you must have a medical condition that prevents you from working. Generally speaking, your medical condition must be one that falls under the Social Security Administration’s definition of “disability.” Assuming you have enough work credits, you are likely to qualify for SSDI benefits if your impairment prevents you from working for at least 12 months, or can possibly result in death. Meeting all of these qualifications for SSDI in New Mexico can increase your chances of having your application approved. However, it is still a long and complex process.

Why was my SSDI Application Denied?

At Michael Armstrong Law, the SSDI services that we provide in New Mexico are most frequently sought after by individuals whose previous attempts to obtain SSDI benefits have been denied.

Being notified that your SSDI application has been denied most likely stems from a lack of hard medical evidence. Your treating physician must make it abundantly clear in your medical history that your condition is impinging on your ability to work.

Another possibility is that you have been denied SSDI benefits on a prior occasion. Our SSDI attorneys in New Mexico generally recommend filing an appeal as opposed to simply filing a second claim based on similar medical information.

Failure to follow prescribed treatment and being uncooperative with your local SSA office are two other possible explanations for why your SSDI claim was denied.

All these aforementioned factors mean you did not meet your qualifications for SSDI in New Mexico.

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Figuring out whether you qualify for SSDI benefits can be a complicated task. If your SSDI claim has been denied, consider scheduling a free consultation with one of the highly skilled SSDI attorneys at Michael Armstrong Law today. If you meet many requirements on the SSDI qualification list, but were denied, our firm is here to help now. Our law firm is one of the premier providers of SSDI services in all of New Mexico.

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