Albuquerque Metro

Our team is dedicated to helping you get the benefits you deserve. Michael Armstrong Law is equipped with diligent and compassionate attorneys in the Albuquerque Metro area who can help you navigate the complex appeals process of SSI and SSDI. Obtaining your benefits is not a simple task, and even with the help of an attorney, this process can take some time. It is best to start your free consultation today! Remember there is no fee unless we win your case. 

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Areas we serve in the Albuquerque Metro Area:

Albuquerque South Valley

Albuquerque North Valley

Los Ranchos de Albuquerque

Bernalillo, NM

Corrales, NM

Paradise Hills Albuquerque

Northeast Heights Albuquerque

Ventana Ranch Albuquerque

Four Hills Albuquerque


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