Tomara Gorham

Tamara Gorham SSDI and SSI Attorney Albuquerque

I have worked for Michael Armstrong Law Office, LLC for almost five years now. When I first came to Albuquerque, New Mexico after receiving my bachelor’s in criminal justice my thought process was that I would work as a legal assistant, gain experience in the legal field and at some point, continue my education. However, the longer I worked here, the more I realized that this was a position that I took pride in and was meant to do. I have now transitioned from a legal assistant to a paralegal for the firm and it’s something I take pride in. I work side-by-side with the attorneys here to ensure that our clients get the best representation they deserve. For me this has truly been a prestigious and significant experience and I am proud to say that I am now continuing my education for my master’s in legal studies.



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