Tips for Your SSDI Hearing in Albuquerque, NM

Receiving notice that your application for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) has been denied should not dissuade you from pursuing the benefits you deserve. You are still able to challenge that denial at an SSDI hearing – a judicial proceeding typically held inside an office building or dedicated hearing center.

Presided over by an Administration Law Judge, or ALJ, your SSDI hearing in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is an opportunity for you are your attorney to manifest a persuasive claim for the monthly benefits you deserve.

The following tips for your SSDI hearing can bolster your chances of presenting a winning SSDI claim:

Review Your SSDI Case File With A Professional

All paperwork relating to your SSDI claim, such as medical records and correspondence with the Social Security Administration, should be thoroughly reviewed by you and your attorney prior to attending the hearing.

Submit All Your Medical Records

The Administrative Law Judge who hears your claim will want to review all medical records relevant to your disability. Please be sure to properly submit copies of these records to the SSA well in advance of your hearing date and within no less than five business days.

Obtain A Doctor’s Statement For Your SSDI Hearing

The single best tip for your SSDI hearing in Albuquerque is to ask your doctor for a statement concerning how your disability affects your ability to work. This written statement is powerful evidence indicating that a medical professional believes you meet the SSA’s disability definition. The best letters contain examples of ways you cannot work because of your impairments. A plain letter simply stating you cannot work is not sufficient.

Create A Hearing Checklist

Knowing how to prepare for your SSDI hearing essentially comes down to providing clear and convincing oral testimony to the presiding judge. This is where your SSDI attorney has the greatest effect. Many successful SSDI applicants and their respective counsels make notes or checklists before the hearing to ensure they remember important facts of the case.  However, an ALJ may not allow notes at the actual hearing.

Hire An SSDI Lawyer in Albuquerque

A lawyer experienced in handling SSDI appeals can be a powerful ally in your corner. An SSDI lawyer can help you gather all pertinent medical records, develop opinion evidence in language acceptable to the SSA, prepare you to give effective testimony, and advocate aggressively on your behalf at your hearing.

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