ABOUT My Practice

I represent people from all over New Mexico and border areas (El Paso).
I have been a Social Security practitioner for over 26 years, and have handled over 5,000 cases for persons who have both physical and mental impairments.
I have hearings scheduled every week for claimants in front of Judges for Social Security's Office of Hearings and Appeals. I charge only when I win a claimant's case, and the fee has to be approved by Social Security. I get claimants' records, write to their doctors and friends, and prepare them for their hearing, in addition to
making sure their case doesn't get lost in the process so they don't have to worry about the process.
I also handle appeals of claimant's cases who have been denied by an Administrative Law Judge.

Are you about to file a Social Security Disability claim and need help?

You were denied Social Security Disability benefits, and want help to appeal?

If so please contact us so that we can review your case.